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a tail of funny shaped eyebrows and pretty ponys

Jul. 29th, 2005

10:15 pm - so yeah...


spanish 1 jambon
civics and econmics h whitlock
english 2 h keen
algebra 2 h wood

band wilson
drafting minton
biology h pizzolato
spanish 2 jambon

so i am going to have to get that changed because i can't have 3 honors classes and cheerleading yea ill die!

comment and tell me if we have anything

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Jul. 15th, 2005

07:18 pm - <3<3<3<3 I LIKE a BOY!!!!!<3<3<3<3

im going on vacation tomorow!
yea to the beach
fun fun fun
i can't wait
its going to be fun

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Jun. 12th, 2005

08:19 pm - this **** is bananas B-A-N-A-N-A-S!

jackie did this and im sorrta bored so you know what lanier is going to do it also!
thx jackie


Full Name: Lanier Michele Loftin
Birthday: Aug 27 1990
Location: asheville NC
School/Mascot/Colors: TC Roberson/rams/blue and gold
Zodiac Sign: virgo
Shoe Size: 7
Height: 5' 3 1/2"
Pets: 3dogs and 1 horse and my sister has a hamster
Siblings: younger sister
Eye color: Blue
Hair color: blonde baby
Grade: 10th
Hobbies: cheerleading, i like to act in plays and stuff, ride, and just be random
Nicknames: laanier, lenard, lanose, ellie, elle, ellie belly, squiarl
What languages do you speak? english but not very well
Where were you born? boring asheville
Are you a night or a morning person? night sometimes im a noon time person
Are you ticklish? yea like a lot
Do you believe in God? YES!!!!!!

!!!!!!Getting Personal!!!!!!

What do you want to be when you grow up? something fun
What was the worst day of your life? i don't think i have had that day yet
What is your most embarrassing story? well i have a few some are me falling, and this one time i was in the car with my mom and sister and i saw a some wood in my driveway and i thought it was a frog it was funny i was like flippy out
What has been the best day of your life? when i get married or my honeymoon lol. i dont' know
What comes first in your life? family and friends
Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend/crush? i have a crush!
What are you most scared of? the dark, basketballs, THUNDERSTORMS!
If you had an extra set of eyes where would you put them? yea like sorrta under my hair and i would freak the people who sit behind me in class
What do you usually think about before you go to bed? romatic things like makeing out in the rain, or snow (wink.wink.)

About your friends

Whose your funniest friend? all of them i dont' like boring people
Who makes you laugh most? my sister
Who do you E-mail most? jackie or ashley
Whose your meanest friend? um this girl in my 1st grade class or this girl i know right now
Whose the loudest? ashley
Whose the shyest? ashley
Whose the smartest? jackie
Whose the wildest? ashley or colleen
Whose your best friend? michael browne
Who do you go for girl/guy advice? all of them
Who knows all your secrets? all of them
Whose the prettiest? all of them
Whose your cutest girl/guy friend? hmmmm they all are now that i think about it
Whose the most understanding? all of them
Whose the most honest? all of them
Whose the weirdest? hahaha um ashley jk i dont' know


Movie: the notebook or a walk to rember
Song: you and me by lifehouse i don't get it but its super sweet
Store: i don't nkow i like lomost anything
Relative: um all of them andy is super cool and so is matt
Vacation Spot: anywhere out of the country
Ice Cream Flavor: i don't like ice cream that much
Fruit: stawberry
Candy: starbusts or skittles
Car: mini cooper or hummer and i like almost any suv
Class: drafing is going to be fun
Holiday: my birthday or Christmas or valintines day
Day of the Week: friday
Color:pink and black
Magazine: i dont' really have a favorite
Name for a Girl: Charlie
Name for a Boy: gadge

^^^^^^In the Past 24 Hours have You^^^^^^

Had a serious talk? yea with my mom about driving to close to the car in front of you
Hugged someone? nope :'( i need a hug
Fought with a friend? nope
Cried? my eyes wattered
Laughed? omg yea
Made someone laugh? yea my dad
Bought something? nope
Cut your hair? yea i have a mohak jk nope its the same
Felt stupid? i feel stupid all the time
Talked to someone you love? yes
Missed someone? nope i don't think so

??????Have you Ever??????

Done drugs? nope
Eaten an entire box of oreos? i only like the centers
Been dumped? yes
Had someone be unfaithful to you? yes
Watched punky Brewster? nope
Hiked a mountain? yes hiking is good for you and is so pretty
Been in love? nope i have been in like
Seen the White house? yea its so big and white
Seen the Eiffel tower? nope but im sure is big and a tower
Tried smoking? nope
Drank alcohol? a sip form my parents
Smoked marijuana? nope
Played monopoly? i own like 3 different ones
Seen Titanic? yup
Tried a weight loss program? nope
Jumped on a trampoline? yup
Visited another country? yes
Colored in a coloring book(and had fun)? yea coloring books are never not fun
Had a bubble bath? yup
Been on a plane? yea
Been on a boat? yup
Been on a train? noope
Been in a car accident? a fender bender but both the cars were fine
Ridden an elephant? i have a pet elephant named tutu! hahaha jk nope
Made a web page? nope
Played with Barbies? yea till like the end of 6th grade
Stayed up all night? ill like 4
Shoved stuff under your bed to make your room look clean? if you have ever seen my room you know that i have to do that all the time
Broken a bone? my nose
Called a physchic or sex hotline? nope
Watched Jerry Springer? i would *BEEP* but you can *BEEP* never *BEEP* understand what the *BEEP* there *BEEPING* saying
Gotten in trouble for talking in class? yup talking sould be a class
Been afraid of the dark? yea i dont' like it anytime
Been in the hospital(not visiting)? nope
Had stitches? nope
Dumped someone and regretted it? OMG YES! its the worst feeling ever!!!!
Went out with more than one person at a time? no :'( im not a pinp
Lied? yup
Been arrested? nope
Fallen asleep in class? yup
Used food for something other than to eat? nope like i have thrown it at ppl
Meet a celebrity? i am one!
Broken the law? i don't think so
Ever loved someone so much it made you cry? lol liked someone it did but not love
Hated yourself? yes
Been brokenhearted? yes
Broke someones heart? im sure i have im sute a heartbreaker

~~~~~~Do You~~~~~~

Like to give hugs? yea
Like to walk in the rain? yes perfect time to makeout
Sleep with or without clothes on? ON!
Prefer black or blue pens? black i hate blue ones
Dress up on Halloween? yup
Have a job? nope
Like to travel? i love to travel
Like someone? yes
Do they know? i think so
Sleep on your side, tummy or back? tummy thats the only way i can sleep
Think your attractive? sometimes no like when i frist get up
Want to marry? I DO
Have a goldfish? no but did you know that they have a 3sec memory spand
Ever have the falling dream? yea i hate that
Have stuffed animals? yup like a million
Go on vacation? yea like what person has never been on vacation

%%%%What do you think about%%%%

Abortion: just have the kid
Bill Clinton: im sure he is nice but im a repulican
Smoking: it smells
Eating Disorders: get some help
Rap: fun do dance to but is yuky cuz most of the words are like lets have sex like this way
Jerry Springer: *BEEP*
Suicide: there are better things life gets better
South Park: OMG! THEY KILLED KENNY! you basters
Summer: summer loves
Tattoos:nope but i would get one on my butt it would be a star
Peircing: ears and belley buttons are fine
Make-up: wonderful
Drinking: sure
Girls: the best

What do you think when you hear this name

Jennifer: park
Lindsey: brown
Megan: sneed
Brandon: fence
Christina: bad
Angela: a cloud
Courtney: hair
Jeff: my dassy
Mike: doctor
Nikki: my doggey
Ryan: o don't even get me started
Lauren: twins
Derek: my old house and micheal
Lisa: riding
Kristi: rhett
Matt: orange
Holly: red berryes
Jackie: she best
Cait: a cat?
Caroline: wear i live
Joseph: uncle
Eline: werid
Patrick: browne
Erin: ugly

This or That

Pierced nose or tongue? nose
Be serious or funny? funny and serious
Single or taken? single and taken with a hot guy
Simple or Complicated? simple im blonde
Law or anarchy? anarchy is a cooler word but i would have to say law
MTV or VH1? they are the same i think they are owned by the same ppl
7th Haven or Dawsons Creek? 7th heven
Sugar or salt? both
Silver or gold? silver
Tongue or belly button ring? belly button
Chocolate or flowers? flowers i hate chocolate
Angels or miracles? angels are miracles
Color or Black-and-white photos?black and white with a little color
Sunrise or sunset? both
M&Ms or Skittles? skittles i don't like chocolate
Rap or Rock? rock and roll
Stay up late or sleep in? sleep in
TV or radio? TV
Hot or cold? hot
Tall members of the opposite sex or short? TALL
Sun or moon? both
What time is it? 9:00pm
Diamond or Ruby? diamonds
Left or Right? left only because it starts with an l but im a righty
10 acquaintances or 1 bestfriend? can i have both?
Vanilla or chocolate? i hate chocolate
Kids or not? um no kids or 3 kids
Cat or dog? doggys im alergic to cats
Half empty or Half full? half empty and sometimes half full
Mustard or ketchup? honey mustard
Newspaper or Magazine? mags
Spring or Fall? fall
Give or receive? give
Rain or snow? snow
Lace or satin? satin lace
A year of hot sex or a lifetime of friendship? friendship it lasts longer
Happy or sad? SAD! jk happy
Corduroy or plaid? plaid
Wonder or amazement? amazement
sneakers or sandals? sandals my feet need to breathe
McDonalds or Burger King? none
Blondes or Brunettes? blonde! i am one
Mexican or Italian food? mexican
Lights on or off? on i don't like the dark
Duct tape or scotch tape? duct you can make stuff with it
Candy or soda? there both bad for you
A house in the woods or the city? woods its quite out there
Pepsi or Coke? mexican coke
Nike or ADIDAS? adidas is a longer word


What do you look for in a guy? it depends on what my needs are
Tough or hardcore guys? hardcore
Sweet or innocent guy? swett
Smart or Athletic guys? both
Favorite cologne on a guy? umm this stuff i smelled the other day was really good
Best gift a guy could give? anything that took time to think about it
Glowers...Sweet or wasteful? whats a glower?
Sweetest guy you know? most of them are sweet all of them are sweet

Whats the first thing that comes to your head when you hear/see

A computer: dumb
A laptop: apple
A mismatched person: someone who will stay un named
A guy with long hair: surfer
A guy with spiked hair: faw-hawk
A girl with spiked hair: bi
A tree with no leaves: fall
A couch with a sheet over it: slip cover
A guy wearing a necklace: surger
A girl wearing a hat: cowboys with no shrits on
A mall: to many people
Abercrombie and Fitch: clorine hahahaha jackie, nina, and colleen get that and i am the king at licking clorine
Aeropostale: the werid girl that works there
Hot Topic: me draggign jackie in there i thought she was going to die
Pacific Sun: im working there and my bathing suit i got there
Saved by the Bell: school
Boy Meets World: sex? i don't know why
Beverly Hills 90201: a gun
A stereo system: my house
A gun: beverly hills 90210
Someone shout out IM EATING PEANUTS!!!: me being myself
Someone shout out I HAVE TO PEE!!: THIS ONE IS FOR SURE ME o but then brittany in computer apps that one time to that was funny
Someone shout out WHATS THE ANSWER?!: computer apps when the whole class cheat off of eveyone we were callin out the anwsers
A desk: mine nasty one in drivers ed
A teacher: boring
A doctor: sickness and dieing
What do you think of the questions they make you answer at the doctors office? i don't think they need to know all of that kind of stuff one time i went to get an mir and they women had to ask me if there was any way that i could be pregnate
Do you like the number 300? to big
What about 301? to odd
Are you getting REALLY bored now? not really
Are you annoyed? not really!! jk im very annoyed this took like an hour
What is your favorite store in the mall nearest you? um....
How long does it take to get to the mall nearest you? 10 min i think i don't drive so i don't know
What is the mall called? The Asheville Mall duh i live in asheville no they callit the new york city awsome amzing fun awsome mall
Do they have a store called Belks or Filenes? belks
How about a major sports store? dicks

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Jun. 8th, 2005

10:20 pm - hey there

im so bored and boring that i am going to make up a fun quiz so that you can lear new fun stuff about me

my full name: lanier michele loftin

my birthday: aug 27, 1990 (im a youngin)

my eye color: blue

my hair color: blonde

how tall am i: 5'3 1/2"

how tall do i wish i was: 5' 3 3/4"

what color my toe nails are painted: this cool dark redish color

what color are my finger nails: a really sheer sorrta shiny pink

whats my favorite color: pink and blue

favorite colors together: pink/green pink/black pink/blue

who do i wish i could meet in real life: helen keller

if i could have one super power it would be: to fly cuz i have always wanted to fly

do i have a sister: yes she is 11 and going into the 6th grade

do i have a brother: no but that would be kinda cool though

do i have any pets: i have a pony named jolly i have 3dogs and my sister has a evil hamster

if you could have one wish what would it be: that everyone in the world would get along

if you could have another wish what would it be: that i never break a bone

if you could have one last wish what would it be: for another wish duh!

do you know a lot of blonde jokes: yes i do

if you had to be stuck as one age for the rest of your life what age would you be:um 27(my favorite number)

what is your favorite song: the peaunut butter sandwitch song (the one me and ashley like)

favorite band: something corporate

what sport are you good at: riding my horse

what sport do you wish you were good at: football

what sport are you bad at: basketball

what are you scared of: the dark, basketballs, being left somewhere

how dumb do you think my quiz is: dumb but im REALLY bored

who are you talkin to online: alex and ryan

where do you want to go to collage: georia tech and then n.c. state

what is your favoirte thing about yourself: my back

how many hairs do you think are on your head : 2,758,627,827

my new dream job: a rapper

my new dream summer job: working in the paint department at lowes


please feel free to take this quiz and post it on your lj and add some ? if you would like and then tell and then maybe if i feel like it ill answer it to but dont' get your hopes up

im so rad

Jun. 6th, 2005

06:50 pm - wow this sucks

wow im mad

you know how jolly was ou with his dumb foot beng broken well now he is better and we can start to walk him and suzannah just informed me that she was going to be riding him tomorow so i left the room because that makes me mad so then my mom starts yelling at me and then is all like well if you want to ride him then come with us and i was like i can't mom i have drivers ed...and i know that she knew that cuz she has to take me and pick me up every day this week...so then she makes it worse by telling me that suzannah has a show in 2 weeks which just makes it worse because i have not gotten to show since last summer

riding is my thing why can't suzannah find something eles to do
she's good at everything eles like tennis, golf, swimming, tummbling. anything she does she is better at than me which is so not fair so im really mad at her right now so i don't think im going to talk to her for a while but if i do that then my mom will get mad at me and be like be nice to your sister but i don't want to be because she is steeling ever dumb thing i do!

im to mad right now!

you know what i don't like most of all is that 5 mins ago i was really happy and then dumb suzannah has to walk down and be like im riding jolly tomorow right in front of me my whole family knows that that is such a bad thing to talk about in front of me!

i wish suzannah would have never come down stairs 5 mins ago

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Jun. 5th, 2005

07:17 pm - holy crap

wow! am i happy!

yes i am happy!

and im sick yuk

but im feeling like x10 better! than this moring

i have drivers ed tomorow yea its going to suck

cuz i have it from 8-2 yea its going to be tons-o-fun

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Jun. 2nd, 2005

09:00 pm - :D

"how are you"
"im ok and you"
"im just so sick of the rain"
"yea i know what you mean"
"the weather said it was going to rain for the next 10 days"
"NOOOO i wanted to go tanning, i have things to do that don't invole the rain"

lol that was my convo with no other than me!

have a peanut butter sandwich

im a rock star

i have blonde hair

i have drivers ed next week

cheerleading over the summer startes next week too



i hope she falls

my grandmother comes into town tomorow

::cough:: ::cough::

what if i cough killed me

that would suck

im a rock star i don't care what you say

im better

my hair is longer

im cooler

i sing

my cell phone is better




that was my evil laugh


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May. 31st, 2005

03:40 pm - HOLY MOLY

think i just found something out and if its true lol i think i might die! im not kidding i might like just fall over and die!

omg it would be so total awsome omg i am like freakin out well yea i bet you are so confused right now and have no idea what the heck i am talking about...and that is the way it is going to stay

i went to my little sisters 5th grade awards

i went tanning today

i went out to lunch with my mom and some of her friends

i went to k-mart

i took a shower

i made happy summer cup cakes

then i watched divorse court

then divorse court got boring so i got on the computer

so that is my day so far

Current Mood: anxiousanxious

May. 30th, 2005

07:58 pm - LOVE BITES


why is it that the people you like don't like you back?


why is it the people you want to notice you never do?


why is it that the people who like you you hate?


why is it that you never want the guy that is perfect for you?


why is it that you always want the hard core guy?


well anyways yea thats it about that
now to some other lanier news if you care to read.....

i pantied my room it is blue

i am getting over being sick and i will not die

i need to go tan because i am pastey white...but if i do that i might get skin canser....and then die

i have some really awsome pictures of cancun that i just got (well i cool one one dumb one)

i got a new cell phone and now i can get ride of my old nasty getto one

well that is all in tonights lanier news update
i think im going to go um play my guitar

unlikein you

Current Music: the radio

May. 20th, 2005

10:20 pm - hey

schools winding down
and were not going to be freshman anymore
were growing up soon will be in college
and have to do our own wash

i just relized that im not over a guy
and that i am like with someone new
and in like with two old people
and over someone eles

well i just did 3 dance profomances today
i thought that i might not make it
but as you know
i did!

cheerleading tryouts were this week
i was mad on weds day
i had to leave early for dance class
but they went really well and im happy

im confused right now about life
i am trying to fix a few things
i need to make some summer plans
i hope it all works out!

well peace out everyone im going to bed it has bee a long stressful week i don't think i could do think week again but if you payed me i would!
good night
i love you

p.s. i love you is so over rated

p.p.s what does i love you mean anyways

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Current Music: she said by:unwritten law

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